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        Thomas Josué was born in the city of Novo Hamburgo in 1967, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Brazil. He lives in the Metropolitan Region of the city of Porto Alegre, capital of the state.
     At the age of 19, he opened his first solo exhibition, presenting his first drawings at the Cultural Center of the City of Novo Hamburgo. Since then, his career has been strengthened through an artistic trajectory shaped by countless national exhibitions and international biennials. Along several years of professional activity, he has worked in the fields of art and mental health, defending the human rights of people with serious mental illness.
       He majored in Philosophy in 1994 and pursued a master's degree in History and Art Criticism at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1996. In 2004, he earned a doctorate degree in Anthropology from the University of Barcelona, Spain, studying outsider art and the deinstitutionalization of mental illness.
       In Barcelona, where he lived for four years, he participated intensely in the artistic-cultural life both in the city and in other European regions, by exhibiting in galleries and cultural centers and taking part in several actions in the field of cultural activism in Art and Human Rights.

      Currently, the artist is a full professor and researcher at the Federal University of Pampa (RS), Brazil, teaching the undergraduate course in Politics and Cultural Production, besides collaborating on international research projects conducted in academic institutions in Brazil and abroad.
    His current academic research on art and anthropology approaches ethnographic relationships through textile art with the field of Anthropology of Art and Diversity.

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