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About the Works


     The artist's artistic work, for many years, has addressed the human figuration and its complex emotional and cultural approach in a contemporary world marked by social diversity and the instability of the existence of human life, marked by nature, politics, and culture, in a society of ephemerality.
       His current visual narrative, comprehending textile art, embroidery, threads, and felting, forms the field of creation of a poetics that speaks of human beings and transfigurations with a constant libertarian appeal in this world without narratives, as the philosopher Byung-Chul Han (2021) says – a world of emptiness.
       For this creative inspiration, by means of his ethnographic research as an anthropologist of textile art produced in traditional communities throughout Latin America, the artist searches for cultural references that dialogue with his creative process and his aesthetic-philosophical concerns.
      This is how threads, pure wool, felting, wefts, seams, and embroidery weave the repertoire of a textile art that has spoken about the material and spiritual history of man for millennia. This material history, by influencing the artist's works, gives us a glimpse of the construction of a poetics that reveals ephemeral human relationships in the face of a world heading towards dehumanization and the fragility of experience as a component of who we are and what we long for as humanity.

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